Dental Technician

Program Overview:

The Dental Technology program will prepare each student to work in the field of dental technology. If he/she wants to work in the dental industry but don’t necessarily want to engage directly with client care, consider this profession. We recommend that the student has an eye for detail, enjoy working with his hands and have good hand/eye coordination.

A group of specialists will teach the student to use a variety of tools to be able to create oral devices that are prescribed by regulated dental practitioners (often a dentist). The student will learn how to use specialized hand tools, molds and the latest technology to make oral devices that are as unique as the individuals he will be creating them for. The students will get the possibility to practice their skills in the college on-site high-tech dental labs,

  • full dentures
  • crowns
  • bridges
  • partial dentures
  • implant-regulated restorations
  • orthodontic appliances
  • other specialty items

Education path period:

2 years, 3 days a week

The certificate is recognized by the Ministry of Health